Private Sessions


Are you committed to working with the Light?

Do you want to learn effective skills at shifting your reality?

Would you like to learn more lightworking tools so as to more effectively shift your reality?

Do you feel bound by energies you cannot shift?

Do you feel there are issues affecting your soul that you have been unable to clear?

Do you question if there are unnecessary spiritual contracts that have been weighing you down?

These are all areas where I can help you shift. I have studied and pioneered a variety to lightworking tools to successfully shift my own reality and have used them to help others liberate themselves from what binds them. I am available to share these tools with those who are interested in becoming more powerful in creating change through their connection with the Light/God/Source.

The Private Sessions I offer typically include elements such as researching information about your spiritual contracts, Akashic records, the creation of your soul, soul groups, leagues, and how this local universe operates.  I have learned techniques to shift people at the soul level and issues affecting the lifestream of a soul. I have cleared issues around a soul’s creation. I have learned how to protect and clear spiritual contracts. I have learned how to spiritually protect myself and others while Systembusting dark energy systems.

These sessions are a window of opportunity for you to change.

The sessions can ask a great deal of active commitment and engagement from the participants, so you can reap the most benefit. Also, most often the Universe holds us responsible for shifting what is in our power to do so.  

“I have to say that since our session, I am feeling much lighter and happier for no apparent reason as the days go forward….:)” –T, Connecticut

Higher Dimensional Access

Once you sign up for a session, your soul is given access to the Healing Dimensions I work through. The first night it is recommended that you do some prayer and meditation before sleep to ask that you get brought to the Healing Dimensions that are for your Highest Good. Sessions are approximately two hours, but tend to be several week processes, as your soul is healed and cleared on many levels.