Clarification Exercise




This exercise is useful in manifesting to help you gain clarity about your preferences.

Underlying every physical experience is an intangible energy, which can be called an essence. In human experience, there is also an emotion that accompanies that physical experience. The most potent form of manifesting is to focus on the essence, calling that forth, and letting go of an initial preference on physical form.

Focusing on a specific physical form can have a limiting effect on the energy. If you specifically focus on manifesting a blue car, for example, you are limiting the possibilities the Universe can send you. If you focus on the energy behind the form — enjoyable, safe, exhilarating travel about the planet — you open up the field of successful possibilities that can meet your need. You are literally opening up the spigot of energy when you focus on essence.

Typically, towards the end of the manifesting process, you get more specific about the form, or a more specific form appears to you.

Oftentimes people find commonalities among the essences and emotions, and this helps people understand the energies they are seeking to call forth. The distinction between emotion and essence is sometimes subtle, but I find it helpful to really push people to find the emotion behind the experience. The emotional body is a manifesting tool. The more you can feel something, the easier it will be to draw it to you, because it is already in your energy field.

Once you’ve completed the Clarification Exercise, you can energize your intentions with the free guided meditation Calling forth a Solution. This meditation calls forth the Source-Created Solution℠ for your intentions, which is the Divinely Created Solution formed at the Center of the Universe/Heart of God. Continue calling forth solutions for your list or specific items until you feel you have manifested what you prefer.

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Download or view: Clarification Exercise.


Clarification Exercise

For this exercise, make three columns on a sheet of paper.

1. Label the first column: Form

Make a list of ten preferences you would like to manifest. Make the things relatively tangible, and for the purposes of the exercise, make a full list of ten, even if you have to put in things that seem unimportant or trivial. If you want peace — what will it look like when you get there? If you want to experience unconditional love — what will that picture look like for you? Who will be there with you? Where will you be? What will you be doing? If you list an abstract intention like “happiness” — there is no simple parameter for you to know you have arrived. It is easy then to feel you haven’t accomplished what you set out to. However, if you list a tangible form such as “I feel happy when I’m doing the day-to-day activities that keep our family together”, you will know when you have accomplished your intention.

2. Label the second column:Essence

Define the essence of the thing you want to manifest. For example, the essence of supporting your family might be love and connection.

3. Label the third column: Emotion

Define the emotion you will experience when you manifest what you want. For example, the emotions accompanying day-to-day activities for your family might be feeling purposeful or appreciated.

4. Assign the Level of Intention

This is the level of time, energy, and commitment that it would take you to create what you want. Go back, and assign a number from 1-10 for each of your forms (1 being the easiest level of intention, 10 being the greatest level of intention). This is a way of assessing how easy it is for you to manifest what you want. It is best to have a variety of levels of intention on your list, so you can give yourself credit for the things you are achieving along the way to your more committed goals

5. Date Your List

​​A friend who has been at many of my manifesting groups, and who manifested everything on her list from six months prior, tells everyone “Date your List!” You can look back later and give yourself credit for creating your desires. You will manifest outcomes. This will help you recognize the results of your intentions, and avoid the “moving goalposts” phenomenon. Also, appreciation is a magnetic energy. What you appreciate grows.


Name It, Claim It, Own It

At the magnetizing groups I have hosted, people come up with their lists of 10, then share them with the group. I find it helpful for people to verbalize what they want, as a way to “Name it, Claim it, Own It.” If you want something, the more you talk about it, the more you are bringing it into your energy field and affirming to the Universe your readiness to receive it. The Universe may also send you feedback as to where there may be resistance, and you can call in solutions for that too.

Once people have done the exercise a few times, the list tends to simplify and get more refined.


What is your Picture of Success?

For an abbreviated version of doing the list, I ask people what is their “Picture of Success” — what does their picture of success look like for their lives? As mentioned above, make the picture as tangible as possible, so when you manifest something, you will be able to recognize it.